Custom Units

Custom Engineered

Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaners


  • Largest capacities and Highest watt densities available
  • Lifetime warranty on transducer bonding
  • Heavy-Duty transducers utilizing Piezo-Electric Elements for Highest efficiency
  • All stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion
  • Automatic tuning
  • Up to 100,000 watts cleaning
  • 22 kHz or 44 kHz frequency

Electrowave custom engineered ultrasonic cleaners with up to 100K watts cleaning power are built for maximum durability, power and efficiency. These large systems incorporate modular generators housed in one single housing and connected to transducers by R.F. Cables. The construction of modular generators offer the user economy and ease of servicing in the field. Advanced solid state electronic circuitry in Electrowave generators provide the highest output-to-input efficiency ratio available from any manufacturer. Automatic fine tuning maintains the output frequency, either 22 kHz or 44 kHz (your choice) compensating for load variations.

All modular generators are equipped with RFI filters to meet FCC requirements. Efficient piezo-electric transducers are attached to the radiating surface of the ultrasonic tank by a bonding technique exclusive to Electrowave. Featuring lead zirconate titanate crystals held in compression between metal blocks. These transducers convert over 90% of input power into usable ultrasonic cleaning energy. Electrowave custom engineered ultrasonic cleaners are available with a heater ranging from 140 degrees F to 220 degrees F.

For large and unusual cleaning tasks, extremely high watt density units are available. Electrowave can design and build any custom size tank you may require.