Data Sheet

Industrial Size Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaners

SU Series

 Data Sheet Features:

  • Simple to Operate
  • Cleans in Seconds
  • Automatically Adjusts to Various Loads
  • Simplified Solid State Circuitry
  • Highly Efficient Piezo-Electric Transducers
  • Stainless Steel Tanks and Enclosures
  • Long Life
  • Low Cost design incorporates the ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank in a single enclosure

Ultrasonic cleaning is the fastest, most economical and efficient method of removing dirt, oil, grease, rust, flux, oxide film and other contaminants from visible and invisible surfaces. An object immersed inside an ultrasonic cleaner becomes a sound wave conductor and helps clean itself. Most intricate parts may be cleaned without disassembly. The cleaning efficiency of this method is not duplicated by any other available means. Ultrasonic cleaning is the application of a high-frequency sound wave to an aqueous solution or solvent. The introduction of this sound wave into cleaning solution creates millions of microscopic bubbles, which expand and collapse (implode) vigorously. The agitation produced by the formation and implosion of these bubbles effects an intense scrubbing action upon submerged parts in the cleaning tank and removes accumulations and residues.

Typical Cleaning Applications:

  • Metal and Plastic Parts
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Metal and Plastic Assemblies
  • Electrical and Electronic Components
  • Electromechanical Devices
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Optical Equipment
  • Scientific Instruments and Components
  • Aircraft Engine Components

Considerations for Selection:

Choosing the right model is important for a successful ultrasonic operation. Size and type of the objects cleaned, and the volume and frequency of cleaning are the primary factors affecting the model selection.

To ensure effectiveness in both the time and quality of cleaning, it is desirable to choose a unit with tank capacity at least twice the volume of the objects cleaned at a time.

The SU units with their output frequency of 22 kilocycles are particularly effective in cleaning assemblies and large objects.

The nine units specified below provide sufficient variation in tank depth and capacity to handle a variety of tough cleaning jobs. If necessary, Electrowave can custom-build units to match the customer’s requirements at a reasonable added cost.

Optional Items: Recirculating system, filter, filter replacement indicator, stainless steel fittings and plumbing, low liquid safety cutout.

Unheated Heated Overall Dimensions
L″xW″xD″ (Inches)
SU-60 SUH-60 16x14x24
SU-100 SUH-100 18x16x26
SU-110 SUH-110 20xl6x24
SU-160 SUH-160 22xl8x26
SU-180 SUH-180 26x20x24
SU-250 SUH-250 26x26x24
SU-400 SUH-400 26x26x30
SU-425 SUH-425 38x24x32
SU-900 SUH-900 38x26x40
  • The heated models are equipped with a temperature controller range of 50-250 degrees F, or nonadjustable, factory preset thermostat.
  • Stainless steel baskets and tank covers are available as accessories. Use of baskets is recommended to protect the tank bottom and the transducers from damage. The SU baskets are built smaller than the tank by about 1/2″ depth and by 1 “-2” in width and length.