EW-93 Cleaning Solution

General Purpose Concentrate

The most efficient cleaning solution for industrial duty.  Non-ammoniated, non-flammable.

Removes oil, grease, silicones, oxides, etc. Dissolves both polar (water soluble) and non-polar (water insoluble) contaminants. Fully tested.  This formulation is the result of extensive testing and when used in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaner will remove a wide range of contaminants.
May be used in concentrated form or diluted to as little as 5% for large scale cleaning.  Rinses clean with water or alcohol. USDA approved.  Fully biodegradable, environmentally safe.


Dilution With Water
Ceramic 1/4
Plastics 1/3
Stainless Steel 1/10
Small Parts 1/4
Wax Removal 1/5
Linoleum 1/15
Tile 1/4
Glass 1/10


Many of Electrowave’s competitors churn out reams of literature discussing the hardware of ultrasonic cleaners – often little is mentioned about the importance of using the proper cleaning solution. This is not surprising since most of Electrowave’s competitors are merely distributors or private-label resellers. Electrowave, as a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners, has the intimate knowledge of cleaning chemistry that many years of experience provides. Instead of buying standard, off-the-shelf cleaning solutions and repackaging them as most competitors do, Electrowave has formulated a cleaning chemical, EW-93, specifically for ultrasonic cleaners.

Considerable research time went into developing EW-93 for the U.S. Mint to use when cleaning coins. EW-93 is a general-purpose concentrate that has produced amazing results – it will remove grease and tar faster than 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Freon 113, or any chemical of that type, yet it is completely water-soluble and contains no CFC, CHC, etc. EW-93 is fully biodegradable and USDA approved.

Electrowave guarantees that there is no better cleaner at any price. Once you have seen EW-93 at work, you will never use anything else. Since originating this cleaner for the U.S. Mint, Electrowave has sold EW-93 to governmental agencies throughout the world. EW-93 continues to be a bestseller – the best salesmen are Electrowave’s customers.